About Manifold Witness

Who Am I?

I am a follower of Jesus Christ who sees the evidence of His creative work all around me. I am a grateful husband to a wonderful wife. I am a joyful father of four precious boys and one darling girl. We enjoy living in Southwest Florida, where nature’s beauty is certainly in abundance.

In my day job, I create websites, graphics, and videos for churches, ministries, and small businesses. 

Why Am I Here?

God’s revelation of Himself in Creation has been a source of encouragement to my faith for a very long time. I find every aspect of nature to be fascinating, purposeful, and skillfully crafted. It provokes my heart to worship the God who crafted it, and it stirs my soul to know Him more deeply.

So with the content on this website, I want to share some of the things that cause me to wonder, and the ways that nature points to the existence of the one true God, who has made Himself known in His creative work and His perfect Word.

Why Are You Here?

Well, I assume you are here because you, too, have an appreciation and wonder for the natural world around us. My hope is that the articles and links on this site will strengthen your faith and trust in Almighty God. Perhaps you will start to take more notice of the detail and beauty of His Creation. And I pray that your soul will be stirred to read and meditate on the Scriptures, where you will discover that the God who created everything is the one who provided the path to eternal salvation in Jesus Christ.